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Personal and Social Development is an important part of all Evolve programmes

Personal and Social Development (PSD) is designed to incorporate current hot topics so that you can discuss and enhance your knowledge of the world whilst gaining tolerance, understanding and respect for others.

You will be encouraged to voice your opinions and listen to others in a safe and supportive environment so that you grow as an independent thinker. The curriculum is created each month so that relevant topics of interest to a group of students can be incorporated into the lessons.

One to one support is given for emotional well-being and to develop coping strategies to manage severe emotions and to gain understanding of the unpredictable responses of others around you. This means that you can come out of sessions to discuss any issues that are negatively impacting on your learning and then smoothly return to your class to continue with your studies.

We link to a wide range of different professionals, specialists and guest speakers and these inform many of our PSD sessions. You can select to attend a range of educational visits that include excursions to places of interest alongside team-building walks and activities.

The wrap round of PSD within your study programme ensures a holistic approach to your education and enables you to build a portfolio of unique experiences in order to succeed in a range of different formal and informal settings. During the year you will grow in confidence so that you can communicate effectively in an array of settings whilst sharing an ethos of kindness, respect and tolerance.

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Culture & Diversity



Managing Severe Emotions



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